Sun On Her Buns

Zoe isn’t much of an outdoorsy type, but she does enjoy sunbathing nude. In the safety of her backyard, she pulls down her top and tweaks her tiny, pointy nipples. Then she strips off all her clothes and stands there in full nude glory. We can see her meaty, outie pussy. She beckons us to

Tight & Flat

Zoe is practicing for public sex. This little hottie has never done the deed in public, but she’d like to. So she’s preparing by getting naked outdoors. “This is my first time being naked outdoors, and it’s exciting. Being naked outside makes me feel even more naked because I can feel the sun and breeze

The Deep-Throating Nerd

Vanna is studying because she wants to get her GPA up. We don’t know about her grades, but she definitely gets her teacher’s cock up. Vanna has long, wavy, red hair and a sexy, slender body. She has a cute brace-face smile. It’s no wonder her teacher gets harder than a ruler around her. The

Nerdy to Naughty

“It’s really important for me to get into a good school, so I spend a lot of time studying. One day I stayed late after school to study and teacher came in and told me I should have more fun. He is a teacher and way older than me, so I guess he knows what

Preparing for Anal

How do you prepare for anal, April? “I’ve gotten used to masturbating with a buttplug, and if I know I’m going to do anal I’ll put my buttplug in beforehand. Sometimes when I’m feeling extra naughty, I’ll even wear it to school! Then once I’m actually with a guy, I make sure to get lots of

Butt Love

April is the trailblazer in her group of friends. She’s a wild one who does what she wants, when she wants. “I was the first one of my friends to have sex,” she said. “At first they were all prude about it, but then after I fucked they all started fucking. Now I’m doing anal

Growth Spurt

Winter‘s blossoming with new curves. Her clothes are feeling more snug–specifically her tops and bras. “Before I could get away with wearing bralettes, and my tops were always loose. Now it seems like overnight my boobies have grown. I had to buy new bras to support them.” How do you feel about your boobs getting