Cute & Sprayed

This guy overhears Ana on the phone telling her friend that she thinks he’s “kind of cute.” We think Ana is more than kind of cute. She’s totally sexy. Pretty face, perky tits, great body, delectable pussy. And hey, being kind of cute is enough for her to suck your cock and fuck you, which

Just Fucking

“I don’t like going on dates. If I’m with a guy, we are hanging out the way friends do or fucking. We can do both in the same night, but I don’t want the typical dinner date and flowers thing. I’m not really interested in a romantic relationship right now–just sex and having fun. Some

One Teen, Two Orgasms

Zoe’s been out riding her bike, and now her pussy is sore from the uncomfortable bike seat. It needs a little TLC, which means rubbing one out until her twat is wet and she’s cumming. Zoe keeps her panties on for the first part of her diddle session, letting the cotton soak up her pussy

Biking Beauty

“I was really hoping my parents would get me a car for my 18th birthday, but all I got was this bike! Well, I still made the most of it. I might not be able to drive around and fuck guys in the backseat, but I can still ride my bike to a hook-up’s house.

Camel Toe

Madison is a cutie from head to toe, but one part in particular stands out. And that’s her fat camel toe! Her pussy is one of the plushest we’ve seen in a while. Her lips are puffy and her slit is a perfect line. “I have to be careful when I wear tights or else

Just Her Type

The good ol’ flashing panties under the school uniform. It gets ’em every time. Danni knows this, and that’s why she does it. The victim? Her neighbor Mr. Vegas. She has a crush on him and wants to find out what he’s packing. After checking out her ass, Mr. Vegas asks Danni what her type

Her First Older Cock

“I’ve always wanted to try an older man. So when I was alone with my neighbor, I went for it. I laid out on my bed with my ass sticking out from under my school uniform. I could tell he was turned on but resisting because I’m his neighbor and I’m so much younger. I