A Hot Fuck

Alli is about as hot as they cum. She’s a sexy blonde with big, blue eyes, a nice rack and a teeny tiny waist. She’s also an enthusiastic fuck. Maybe it’s the way JMac fondles her tits and sucks her pink nipples, but Alli is hot and ready to go right away. She sucks cock

My First Client – Damon Dice & Melissa May

Traumatized client Damon Dice needs a lot of therapy today at the Milking Table. He was involved in a motorcycle accident and his penis hasn’t been the same ever since, no matter what medication he’s been prescribed. Melissa May, a new masseuse may just be the thing he needs for a full recovery. Shy and

Young Titter

Li gets lots of attention for her body, and she’s not sure how she feels about it. Up until a year ago Li had been a skinny flattie, but seemingly overnight she grew C-cup boobs and sexy curves. Now she’s the belle of the ball wherever she goes. “Boys never noticed me before,” she said.

The Masseuse At My Gym – Romeo Price & Cassidy Klein

Romeo’s trainer has been really pushing him at the gym, and it’s made his shoulders stiff and sore. He’s heard about a new spa massage treatment offered exclusively to gym members, so he’s decided to check it out. What he wasn’t expecting was the steep price, but sweet and sporty masseuse Cassidy Klein assures him

Energizer Fuck Bunny

“I ran track in high school, so I’m good at things that require stamina and endurance. That includes sex, so long as the guy isn’t a minute-man. I can have multiple orgasms so I like to get fucked for a long time. I don’t get tired from riding the way some other girls do, and

Soccer Injury – Axel Aces & Karlee Grey

Bashful Brit Axel Aces was playing football (or soccer, as the Americans call it) when he got kneed in the groin something fierce. He heard from some of the lads back home about a place that tends to that kind of injury. And he definitely wants his problem taken care of by a professional. Masseuse

Playing with Fire

Avalon is a fire performer from Chicago. “I breathe fire, I eat fire, I have palm torches and I have a hula hoop that I light on fire.” She’s not afraid of a little heat, and she describes herself as adventurous both in and out of the bedroom. Coming to Miami was the first time