Quite Contrary

Naughty Mary breaks the rules! She won’t do her schoolwork. She skips class all the time. She goes off with boys. Mary doesn’t like to do what’s asked of her. It’s a wonder that her parents can even get her to wear her uniform. “I like wearing my uniform because I feel even more naughty

Creamed Teen

Lily isn’t that experienced with sex, but she has had a load or two blown in her mouth. Now she wants to know what it’s like to have a guy cum inside her. Sure, it feels good for the guy, but how will it feel for her? Lily’s dad’s friend is happy to show her.

Daughter-Mom Combo – Lucas Frost & Dee Williams & Vienna Rose

A rich step-mother, Dee Williams, and her step-daughter Vienna Rose, walk into a trendy massage parlor from the street, in chic outfits and carrying several boutique shopping bags from a day out on the town. They’re greeted by a friendly and eager-to-please masseur, Lucas Frost, at the reception desk. He asks if they have an

My First Creampie

“I did something so naughty the other day. I got my dad’s friend to fuck me and cum inside me! I’m on birth control and I wanted to feel what it was like. I haven’t had sex too many times, but the times I have the guys wanted me to swallow their cum or cum

A Fall Fingering

Halloween is right around the corner, and Vanna has been busy decorating for the holiday season. She needs a break and takes advantage of being home alone. When it comes to our teens, you know what that means. Time to cum! Vanna is a tanned beauty with long, red hair and braces. She has a

Snuggle Slit

The weather is cooling down, but Vanna will keep you nice and warm. Fall is here and Vanna doesn’t care for the cooler weather. Her flimsy sweaters don’t do much to keep her warm. It would probably help if she kept her clothes on. But then she wouldn’t have as much reason for you to

Lust In The Library

Chloe is a shameless teen who squeezes in an orgasm no matter where she is! And that includes the library. Can you blame her? Doing research is boring. She needs to diddle her clit just to stay awake! “It’s so quiet I can hear if anyone is coming, but they can’t hear me cumming!” Does