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Facesitting without gratitude

This young Mistress knows how much her slave loves marveling at her pussy. He is probably even dreaming about sticking his filthy cock into it one day but… Ain’t gonna happen! The closest he gets to her majestic pink flower is during their facesitting sessions and you know what? The bossy beauty always makes sure

Dominant lezzies’ sex toy

s the slave of these two mistresses really that useless? Time to check it out! Some pussy worshipping is always good for a start – especially when the worm gets a whipping every time he does something wrong. Soon the second domme steps in to test her boy toy’s head strap-on handling skills and… Well,

Oral femdom adventure

Being allowed to lick his dominatrix’s pussy feels like the biggest blessing for this young submissive boy. He has been longing to do it for what feels like ages and he’s anticipating it so much… Little does he know about the stuff that’s actually awaiting him between the bossy beauty’s thighs. She will literally fuck

Leashed and facesitted

Feeling her slave’s tongue slide from her feet and up to her hips, this hot Mistress can’t help but give in to her passion and let the worm taste her holy of holies. Her whole body starts trembling when he finally reaches her pussy. Oh yeah, he is good – but not good enough to

The accommodator in action

Wow, this new dildo harness that Mistress Scarlett has gotten for her boy toy is fitting him so well! Now that there’s a dildo on his chin, facesitting him is even more fun! All he’s got to worry about now is giving his domme’s clit a good treatment with his tongue and the rubber cock

Slave deserves a tugjob

Boasting of such oral skills, this ripped stud quickly became Mistress Taya’s favorite boy toy. His tongue delivers her so much pleasure she just can’t make herself quit riding it. The guy’s face is already all red from rubbing against her bristly pussy but… The domme doesn’t really care. Well, she will even reward the

Bitch-slapped and facesitted

There are a lot of tortures that could keep this sub down low and Mistress Linda looks like she is willing to try them all on him tonight. Some rude whipping comes for warmup, then it gets followed by facesitting… Oh, look at that pathetic little cock hanging in front of the bossy beauty’s eyes.

Ripped but submissive

Even though Taya’s slave has got a long tongue, tonight she wants more than just this piece of worthless flesh writhing inside her heavenly pussy. But don’t you ever think that she will mess around with the sub’s filthy cock. She will simply strap a rubber cock on to his chin and make him work

Between domme’s buttocks

Damn, just look at the purple face of this submissive carpet muncher! It’s clear that his domme is giving him a hard time fucking his tongue but… One thing is for certain. He will never ever dare to turn her down, no matter what. Thus, all he’s got left to do is huff and puff

Hirsute pussy dominatrix

Shaving pussy for a slave? Hell no, Mistress Latoya would never bother to do that. Her love hole is almost fully hidden under a thick carpet of pubic hair and she is never reluctant to make her boy toys munch that carpet. It tickles and stings but who the hell cares?! She just needs to