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Chastity training is only the beginning of this submissive hubby’s fall from grace. What will be even more fun is the training session his domme of a wife has scheduled for tonight. He is finally meeting her bull and boy will this meeting be unforgettable. Not only will he get to watch the love of

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Even though this submissive freak knows that he might easily *** between his domme’s hips when she gets down to facesitting him, he still decides to take the risk. Watch him get down on all fours and let her whip him like a misbehaving animal. Only after that will she allow him to take her

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Taya’s hubby has taken good care of all the house chores but the most important project she has prepared for him is still yet to begin. Tonight he is to watch his wifey fuck with another man and to taste his cock and cum! Slurping Taya’s spit after she has given head to her bull,

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Mistress Kseniya enjoyed making her slave wait for her – sprawled on the floor with his legs tied together making escape impossible and waiting – enormously painful. He was almost happy to see her walk in but there was nothing to be happy about. Having warmed him up with some facesitting, the bossy beauty brought

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Even though Miranda’s cuckolded hubby is a good carpet muncher, tonight she feels she needs something larger than the tip of his tongue to penetrate her beckoning juicy hole. Will she let the cuck fuck her? Hell no, are you kidding? He will only get to watch her banging with her bull. Oh, and that

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This slave is used to harsh pain already but his evil Mistress keeps on inventing new ways to make him suffer more. Tight pegs all over his dick and in his nipples are no longer hurting him bad enough? Well, then she will burn him with candles and drip hot wax on him, pierce the

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Yes, hotwife Jessie Gold is feeling frisky tonight but that still doesn’t mean that her hubby will be getting some. Of course, he will get to savor her delicious pussy but the rest is all for her bull. She will ride him, will blow him in front of the weeping cuck, will even take his

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Yes, the new slave of Mistress Linda is hung as a horse but… He will never get to touch his domme’s heavenly pink flower with that filthy shlong of his. It is nothing but a toy for the rude beauty that never hesitates to play with it in the most perverse way imaginable. Are you

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Rita’s husband is such a disgusting swine – he just keeps on turning her down every time she wants sex. Well, that means he might be impotent as well, so why waste any more time on him? From this moment on he will be nothing but a whining scared bystander in Rita’s sex games with

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Though the slave has probably gotten his tongue all dirty when sucking on his domme’s high heels, she decides to treat him to her pussy and let him lick it a little. However, it doesn’t bring her the pleasure she was hoping for, so… The lazy submissive fucker ends up crawling at her feet again